About Us

We are the only white water jet boat company in Europe, a “must do” when in Iceland. Conveniently located on the Golden Circle route, Iceland Riverjet operates in the white water rapids of Hvita river below Gullfoss waterfall. From the moment the accelerator hits the floor your adrenaline will hit the roof! Speed through narrow basalt canyon, be exhilarated by 360 spins on the “milky white” river and jump the rapids like James Bond! While onboard, you also get to enjoy amazing scenery, all from open deltas, dramatic canyons and white water rapids to rich bird life. The 40 minute river ride guarantees an adrenaline rush for both young and old! Be one of many passengers who safely experienced the thrill of real white water jet boating in Iceland! The perfect add-on when you visit Geysir, Gullfoss and Thingvellir!


Commercial jet boating is a highly safety conscious industry subject to rigorous regulatory control, and Iceland Riverjet’s aim is to ensure that its customers enjoy an experience that meets the very highest safety standards of international jet boating. Our boats follow the same maintenance procedures that are worked out by the Maritime New Zealand and the NZ  Commercial jet boat association.

Our Jet Boats are audited annually by Maritime Iceland ( Siglingastofnun )Our Safe Operational Plan is reviewed every year by Maritime Iceland ( Siglingastofun ) Iceland Riverjet ‘s drivers are highly trained professionals and know their Jet Boats and the fast flowing waters of the Hvita River like the back of their hands. We carry out boat checks daily and have a extensive maintenance program to ensure the highest levels of vessel safety and reliability.